Butler Celebrates The 'Changing Of The Collar' Officially To Blue IV In The Best Ceremony You Could Imagine

Listen if you put puppies and college hoops together I'm going to blog it 100 out of 100 times. I've blogged about Blue IV before. How could I not? He's fucking adorable. This has been the last trip for Butler III and tonight they officially changed the collar to Blue IV. I have to say, I need more Blue IV in my life. Indy isn't that far from Cincinnati and I've never needed to pet a good boy more than Blue IV than in this moment.

Brad Stevens? Gordon Hayward? Matt Howard? Fuck that. It's all about this adorable face to finally win a national title for Butler. 

I'm not here to give free tips to any team outside of Kentucky, but if Butler was smart Blue III and Blue IV would both be at the NCAA Tournament. Good luck beating TWO good boys.