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Has Anybody Ever Been This Butthurt Over A Chest Bump In the History of the Universe Than This Guy?


“I now hope more than anything that Team Barstool does not win this tournament. They are officially the enemy to this column, my blog, and the universe. I will do everything in my journalistic power to destroy them.”







Seriously has anybody ever been more butthurt over a chest bump in the history of life than this guy?  I mean the dude isn’t even watching the games anymore.  He’s just focused on me and Big Cat on the bench.  We’ve totally taken him out of his blogging game.  We’ve wrapped him in a mental pretzel that he can’t get out of.   Mind games on top of mind games.    The Bench Mob doing work.  Semi finals today at 1pm son!  I can smell the 500K.

Hey bro you just prep school faced.  Deal with it….