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MIAA Doing It Big Again: Both Methuen and Chelmsford Threaten To Boycott North Final Baseball Game Because They Have SAT's The Same Time and MIAA Won't Move the Game





Bostonherald - The Division 1 North baseball final is currently scheduled for Sunday night at Fraser Field. Andover knows it will be there. What remains to be seen is whether the Golden Warriors will have an opponent. Both Methuen and Chelmsford have threatened not to appear for Saturday morning’s semifinal contest at 10 A.M. The crux of the argument is the fact that a combined 10 players on both teams will be taking their SATs at the same time, combined with the fact that Chelmsford High graduates at 4 p.m. “Right now there is no change,” said Methuen coach Eric Cyr. “It’s disappointing for everyone that the MIAA is taking a hard line and not changing the game.”Right now, according to Cyr, unless something changes, LeLacheur will play to an empty house Saturday morning. Will update as soon as we hear from Chelmsford officials, the MIAA and Genualdo.

Monster day for the MIAA. First we had the story of them suspending the Beverly Lax bros for smoking stogies at graduation and now this. Refusing to move a game that is scheduled the same time as SAT’s and Chelmsford’s graduation. This all begs the question of whether the MIAA is a feeder system to the NCAA? Like once you prove your are dumb enough to succeed at the MIAA level they call you up to the big leagues. I mean just the dumbest group of people on the face of the earth. Seriously who is the MIAA? Where do they come from? Are they all brain dead? How do you not move this game? How is this even an issue? Just fucking move it. It’s not even a big deal. It should be a total non issue. There is no rational explanation as to why not to move it except they just want to be hardos about it. The fact that anybody at the MIAA could possible defend not moving it just shows how brain dead they all are.

PS – If the MIAA somehow doesn’t move the game you got to skip SAT’s right? You can’t miss the North Final game. Not if you have an ounce of competitive spirit you can’t. SAT’s are for suckers anyway.