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This 31 Year Old Dude Who Likes Banging 90 Year Old Women Is The Most Digusting Person On Earth


No joke the opening scene might make you fucking puke



I’ve always wondered what kind of people watch “granny” porn. What kind of sick individual sits there and searches for video of an old, wrinkled bag of bones with a chicken neck and tits to the floor getting fucked. Well now I have my answer, it’s 30 year olds from Pittsburgh. But hey, it’s nice knowing that you’re not the most fucked up person in the world. Like there’s the phrase “No matter how good you think you are at something, there’s someone better.” Same goes for porn and sex. No matter how sick and twisted you think you are, there is a bigger deviant out there. You like BDSM kink? That’s cool bro, Kyle likes your Nana. And that is WAY more fucked up than any kind of sexual torture.



PS – That old bag saying she feels like Kyle is her son “until we hop in bed” is a psych major’s wet dream. Billions of hours of therapy couldn’t solve that level of fucked up.