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Reader Email - Is Tattooing Your Marathon Times On Your Leg The Biggest Hardo Move Of All Time?

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Reader Email


Saw this hardo on the Greenline this morning. Does tattooing marathon times on your leg get this guy laid?







Having someone explain their tattoo to you is one of the worst things in the world. Blabbering on about how this represents this and that represents what and how some quote deeply affected their life. It’s all a load of bullshit and the most boring fucking thing in the world. Well multiply that by a trillion when it comes to a guy’s fucking marathon times. The only thing that runs through this guy’s mind all day is Ask me about my tattoo ask me about my tattoo ask me about my tattoo askmeabtmytattoo!! That’s it. He is BEGGING to tell you a 50 minutes story about how he trained and what diet he employed and what charity he ran for. It’s all he wants to do in life, talk about his marathoning/tattoo.