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High School Teacher Coming Under Fire For Sex Jokes And Handing Out Sex Toys At An End Of The Year Award Ceremony

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BELLINGHAM, Wash. — A Bellingham High School drama teacher has issued a formal apology after her awards ceremony devolved into an evening of profanity, jokes about a priest having sex with kids, and a box of sex toys. A parent attended the ceremony in the school auditorium with her 17-year-old daughter, who was nominated for an award. Both want to remain anonymous until after graduation on June 6. The teacher is Teri Grimes, a veteran of three decades who is slated to retire after this year. In an email to KOMO News, the upset mother complained about the teacher’s use of profanity during the ceremony. She said Grimes repeatedly used inappropriate words and told a distasteful joke. “I sat there with my mouth open in shock and the final straw was when a joke was told on stage about a teacher, a lawyer and a priest on a plane. The plane was going down and the teacher says we have to save the children. The attorney says “F*** the children!” and the priest says “OOOOH..Do we have time for that???” the email reads. The parent, who brought her young daughter to the ceremony, decided to leave after hearing the joke. In addition to what she considered to be offensive language and the off-color joke, the parent said the awards handed out during the ceremony weren’t appropriate for children. She said one of the categories was for “the horniest stud,” where the award was a sex toy. “WE need to get the word out there that THIS is the kind of TRASH that is being taught in our schools. I am so shocked right now I am in tears,” the parent said in her email to KOMO.



Was this teacher out of line? Sure, maybe a little bit. But the fact of the matter is that these award ceremonies have gotten so monotonous. They’re all the same, boring bullshit. Do what you love … don’t be afraid to fail… there are doctors and lawyers and politicians among you… may your hats fly as high as your dreams. It’s all a fucking snooze. Might as well spice it up and tell some jokes about a priest fucking kids right before they all die and hand out dildos to the “horniest stud,” though I’m not sure what good that does for him. Worst thing possible for a ceremony speaker is to be forgettable, Teri Grimes certainly was not that.