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How Many Drugs Do You Think You Could Fit In Your Belly Button, Because This Guy Fit A Lot

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(Source)Police say they found drugs hidden in a man’s belly button. Greenville police arrested Randall Streeter of Greenville late last week on numerous trafficking heroin charges after a traffic stop. Police initially discovered 150 bags of heroin and $1,200 in his vehicle, but found an additional 40 bags of heroin, crack cocaine and Percocet pills hidden in his navel. Jail records show Streeter is 5’5″ tall and weighs 315 pounds.



You know how there are stages of fatness and you try your best to ignore them? Like after the first few weeks of missing the gym you notice a little extra on you, but say it’s a fat mirror or something. Then some buddies make fun of you for gaining weight and you just deflect it and say “Nah I’m wearing two shirts.” Internet commenters keep making fun of your fat tits and you’re just like “Whatever, they’re just being assholes to be assholes. I’m not even that fat.” Well this is what happens if you keep making excuses forever. You end up a 315 pound dude using his cavernous belly button like a fucking kangaroo pouch. Look at your future, John. LOOK AT IT!