Bob Barker And Adam Sandler Reunite For A Great Skit In Support Of Autism

Starts a little slow but once it gets cookin, its right back to Happy Gilmore and the Pepsi Pro-Am. Bob’s line about tossing his salad in order to get in another movie was choke-on-your-breakfast funny. Like welp, I guess we’re taking this skit to the next level! The thought of Rob Schneider eating Adam Sandler’s ass is truly, genuinely the most gruesome thought Ive ever had. Especially because Adam Sandler is aging like a homeless person living on the street. The Price is Right jokes, the shots about Sandler being a hack, the bedpan and the ebola were all good stuff. Icing on the cake was Chubbs, Abe Lincoln and the crocodile in heaven. 90s nostalgia always puts asses in the seats and throwing it back to the days when Adam Sandler was actually funny is just a layup. No need to try to get cute with it when you’re raising money for Autism. Just play the hits.