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Are Military Recruiters Using Bumble To Slide You Into An Enlistment??

This Bumble convo above was sent to our ZeroBlog30 Instagram account from a follower who totalllllly almost got reeled in, and my goodness.. As if dating weren't already hard enough, you now have to make sure you don't accidentally wind up in the military while you're doing it. 

-Hey, so since you're free tomorrow night do you wanna meet up?

Yeah, sounds good to me. Where do you wanna go?

-I know a quaint little spot that you'd love. Side note, you're not flat-footed are you?

haha um what? No I'm not flat-footed? And ok what's the name of the place?

-Uh, It's kind of a surprise haha Just meet me at 116 White Ave in Brooklyn.  

Ok??? I just put it in google maps & it's coming up as "MEPS"?? 

-Don't worry about it! Only a meeting spot ha ha

Ok, well I just googled MEPS now & it says "Military Entry Processing Station" so…

-What? Nooo, just trust me! Side note, how cool would it be to get rid of your student debt through travel and adventure? haha


Obviously that's just me imagining how these conversations would go, but ladies - keep your heads on a swivel. That DM that ZBT got really was from a gal who had a fella making the case for her to join through Bumble. You have a few tequilas over tapas and think you're going dutch on the meal & think you're signing your part of the bill.. but next thing you know you're on the yellow footprints of Parris Island with some Drill Instructor screaming a fine mist of spit across your face, wondering what happened. 

As for you military folk who might get a bonus if you get someone else to join… at least wait until the 3rd date to start convincing them will ya? Sheesh. 

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