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Insane, Racist Mom Filmed Going Bonkers Outside A Dollar General (Totally Would Have Guessed Wal Mart)




This isn’t funny. It’s actually a really disgusting and vile display by a horrible mom and woman. But during the end of that, when she finally gets her husband on the phone, I couldn’t stop laughing. You could tell by her face that she did not get the reaction she wanted out of him an I could just picture him on the other end of the line like Why are you screaming, stop screaming at me…. Wait why is there a man filming you?…. You called him a WHAT?…. I’m not sure how many cops you’ve stripped for…. I’m not coming down there, the game is on, just stop being a horrible racist woman and go into the store and forget this ever happened until it’s all over the internet tomorrow…. No I didn’t say throw a fucking coffee, I said go in the store. Jesus Christ!