Checkout This Idiot Bodybuilder LMAO

Look at this IDIOT. 

Uhhh news flash, meat boy. You’re supposed to grab the dumbbells by the handle and not tuck them into your elbow creases like some sort of caveman.


“Uhh hey Beau. Take a vid of me doin this weird shit for the gram. My delts (short for deltoids or shoulders) be poppin. Chest too. I look fire. Might get some puss puss because I’m working out without handles.” 

“This is sick, dude. Chicks are gonna love this.” 

“Hell yeah they are. Tell me when you start recording.”

“Oh that’s my bad, hoss. I’ve been recording.”

“What the fuck? Gotta give me the head nod, big guy.”

“On me. Next set then?”


*nods head* 

“Bro, you nailed that. Throw a filter and you’re good.”

“Good looks. Lemme see.” *watches video back* “fuck yeah. I’ll post this.”

“Sick. So many likes.”

“You think Lmao?”

“Bro. No handles? Yes. Crushed it.”

“Bet,” he says while smiling thinking about the clout.

4,280 likes. Incredible