We Thought We Lost Cousin Murray (Again) This Morning Live On Air During The Cousins

Jesus Christ man. Jesus fucking Christ. Top 1 most stressful moment of my life and I'm not kidding. This morning on The Cousins we were talking about the Coronavirus, and how the elderly have a higher chance of dying from it, and BOOM we almost lost Cousin Murray. A very loud THUD followed by chaotic silence. The silence between the THUD and Cousin Murray finally saying "whoops" felt like 10 years. My life flashed before my eyes thinking about how one of my co hosts just died live on the air. Glenny Balls was a half second away from calling 911. Cousin Mike laughed the whole time. Turns out Cousin Murray was just adjusting his thermostat (normal thing to do while on a national radio show) and accidentally dropped his headset. But if you listen back it 1000% sounds like a body hitting the floor. Terrifying.

This happened a few months ago as well when Cousin Murray had a coughing fit. I can't find the clip of it but he just kept coughing and coughing and we didn't know if he was gonna pull through it but thankfully he did. This time was much worse because at least during the coughing fit we knew he was conscious. That was not the case this time around. As Cousin Murray likes to say, you don't get this on NPR.