Massive Bodega Brawl In The Bronx Last Night

Gawker - The NYPD are seeking seven people for their involvement in a brawl inside 1253 Deli in the Bronx, where three people were injured, with two suffering stab wounds. Police released surveillance footage of the battle Monday. The fight broke out around 4 a.m., police told ABC New York. In the surveillance clip, a crowd of people can be seeing standing off before tensions boil over and an all-out brawl ensues. At one point, a woman can be seen beating a man with what appears to be a rack of bagged chips. The video follows the fight onto the sidewalk outside the bodega, where men can be seen kicking another man lying on the ground. From the New York Daily News: Two victims at the scene suffered stab wounds and the third sustained several facial fractures in the melee, according to cops. One of the victims has been treated and released from the hospital, while the two others are still at the facility but in stable condition, the NYPD’s announcement says. Cash and cell phones of the victims were reportedly stolen, ABC New York reports.

Bodega brawl! We got ourselves a bodega brawl! A bodega in the Bronx late night is a powder keg waiting to explode. Because if you’re in there, you’re either a criminal looking to stab someone, or you’re shitfaced looking for food. Both type of persons can get real violent, real quick, I’ll never forget walking the streets of the Bronx at Fordham looking for 3 dollar subs at the corner store. End up on like 183rd and Crotona always kind of understanding I was taking my life into my own hands a little bit. I knew the risks. But the thought of a full hero for only 3 dollars was simply too good to ignore.

But then you see videos like this and you realize its not just 3 dollars. Its 3 dollars + potentially your life. Because you never know whose sneaker you’re gonna step on at the bodega. Next thing you know its 6 on 2 and some bitch is hitting you with a potato chip rack. You get stabbed a couple times and get your cell phone stolen. All because you needed some late night munchies and ran up on the wrong crew. It aint worth it. Just order Dominos delivery.