Grading the Newest Sex Scandal Teacher


North Carolina - A 28-year-old high school chemistry teacher has been arrested for allegedly having sex with one of her 17-year-old students. Jessica Deck, 28, allegedly had sex once in the past month with the teen, whom classmates described as a good student and athlete at Sun Valley High School in Indian Trail, North Carolina. Authorities launched an investigation after a school resource officer received a tip about the alleged incident and contacted the sheriff’s office. Deck… teaches honors chemistry and physics at the school… Authorities will not say if the student and teacher were involved in a longer term relationship, or if the encounter was an isolated incident. They would also not say where they allegedly had sex.

UpdateAuthorities have filed another child sex charge against a teacher in Union County… the new charge involves the same student, and they’ve also determined that one of the incidents happened on the campus.

If this isn’t a tale as old as time/ song as old as rhyme, I don’t know what is.  Blonde, massive-boobed, southern belle science teacher meets honors student and good athlete.  There’s almost something wholesome about it.  It’s the great American love story.  And the way the bar has been raised on these stories, at first I was starting to worry if it was even salacious enough to be GtNSST  blog worthy.  So thanks to Jessica for that last little bit about doing the kid right there in the school.  I mean, this still doesn’t make it one of the all time greats in terms of details, but without that this was sounding more like Sweet Valley High than Sun Valley High.

The Grades:
I saved you from her hideous mugshots.  And my guess is she rarely looks this good.  But she gets a good grade her for one reason and one reason only: Bewbs.  World class Sex Scandal Teacher bewbs.  Built for comfort and speed, you motorboatin’ son of a bitch. Grade: A-
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment:
Again, scant details but she totally saved her grade with that in-school monkey business. Here’s hoping she isn’t done, but for now a decent Grade: C+
I already blew my Intangibles nut with that Sweet Valley reference.  So I’ll say with those cans, her name should be Jessica Canasta Deck.  Grade: B
B. For boobs.
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