WWE Legend Kelly Kelly Can't Decide What Bikini Picture To Use, So We Should Probably Help

I saw Clem's wake up blog this morning and it got me thinking - I wonder what some of those other top notch WWE Divas Superstars are up to. Ones like Torrie Wilson, Sunny, Eve, Trish Stratus and of course Kelly Kelly. So I wandered over to Instagram and pulled up Kelly Kelly's aka Barbie Blank (just an A+ name). But more importantly she has a dilemma. She needs help deciding a bikini picture! Figured we all could help here (yes, just a reason to post Kelly Kelly pictures). So let's take a vote: 




Personally I'm voting 1. But this is America and we can vote on such things here. Growing up in the Attitude Era and never missing a Monday Night Raw or Nitro, it was important to have a Diva crush. Kelly Kelly quickly took the No. 1 spot when she arrived. She's made her way back to wrestling a bit now, but she also just into some acting and modeling. But let's be honest, this was a reason to post Kelly Kelly pictures. 


Oh, right, again vote 1, 2 or 3. We need to help our girl out here.