Tarps. Off. Ferda. Boys.

Fuccccccckin right, boys. 

We've got a guys night out in Nashville and the boys from Calgary are absolutely juiced. The fellas probably got up first thing in the morning and started dominated Broadway right away. Getting nice and liquored up at brunch, maybe logged a few hours over at Martin's Bar-B-Que, got dummied at Rippy's leading up to the game, deleted a healthy serving of cold ones at the game, and still have a date with Tootsie's lined up for post game. 

Not a phone in sight here, boys. Mostly because there's a chance this night would end with a few divorces if there were any video evidence of what went down, but also because these beauties are having the time of their life. Tough break that it ended with an OT loss for the Flames after giving up a goal in the final second of regulation, but I have a feeling they won't remember too much of that anyway. Win or lose, the guys are still being dudes.