Professional Darts Continues To Be An Absolute Electric Factory

There really is nothing like a professional darts crowd when someone is cooking on the board. When someone steps up, drills three straight triple 20s and you get the announcer screaming "ONNNNNNNNNNNEEEEE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY" it never gets old. Place goes apeshit. I live for the announcer screaming one hundred and eighty. When someone really gets on a roll and has a chance at a nine darter all bets are off. The laws of society are thrown right out the window. We're taking 501 points in 9 darts. That just doesn't happen folks.'re Michael van Gerwen. The GOAT. 

Youngest to ever throw a 9 darter on national TV at 17 years old. He's done it six times in his career under the bright lights. The record is actually 11 held by Phil Taylor, but he was never able to acquire the balls to accomplish the feat in the World Championship. You bet your ass van Gerwen did. You don't mess with Michael van Gerwen when he has a dart in his hand. 

By the way, there are two things that consistently get slept on with darts and I've had enough of it. First is the quick math. When someone isn't up there crushing triple 20s like van Gerwen you have schlubs like Wade getting single 7s and double 14s. The announcer stays on top of his game and always gives you the accurate score in milliseconds. I guess it's like betting an over and calculating in your head how many points per minute you need the rest of the way to hit your total? Either way tip of the cap to the announcers. Second is the camera work. The zoom ins on the players' faces, the board when you can't tell if the dart is in the area of not, and the crowd shots. It's all perfection. It's art. Darts forever.