The Pacers Crowd Unleashed A Quality "Honey Nut Cheerios" Chant During Some Melo Free Throws

What a move here by the Pacers crowd. You know things haven't been going all that hot for them as of late, they're 3-7 over their last 10, Oladipo's taking a little while to resemble his old self, Jeremy Lamb just shredded his knee the other night, and they currently sit in the 6 spot in the East. But you know what? Their crowd brings the HEAT when it comes to chants. You might remember the troll job they did last season while playing the Lakers around the trade deadline

looking back they were sort of right on the money with those chants so credit to them. As for tonight's "honey nut cheerio"? Well that just brings a smile to my face. Kevin Garnett telling Carmelo Anthony that his wife tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios is one of the best urban legends of that Celtics era. Melo seems to think he said it, everyone else denied it, and I dunno I'm not buying that KG didn't go to that level

Plus it sparked one of my favorite Barstool shirts of all time. I bought that thing so quick it would make your head spin and still own it to this day. That was long before I ever started writing here, and it's too bad that shirt now lives in Barstool T-Shirt Heaven. 

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working in terms of getting inside Melo's head. He has 8/5 at the half on 3-4 shooting and the Blazers currently are up 6 at the break. Even if it fails miserably to get Melo off his game I love the dedication and willingness to go there by the Pacers crowd. Honestly I thought everyone Indiana was just like Brad Stevens and was just nice as hell, but apparently not.