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Alright, Corporal Frankie - Pizza Review - Al Anbar Province, Iraq

Alright, Corporal Frankie.

Here's my 'review of the review' checklist:

Alright Frankie - check.

Cheese only - check.

Flop test - check. 

One bite only - check.

Tough, fair judging - check. 

Fancy hair bonus - check. 

He nailed it.

And people seem to be upset not by his score, but by troops having to eat that.

Also, shoutout to the 'Frankie' putting in work overseas behind the camera. (Your hairstyle isn't as nice but you deserve some shine, too.) 

Side note... He's got the pizza review part down, but maybe Warner should be doing Rough 'N Rowdy's too? He looks sort of like Harry Potter's badass, super ripped, long-lost brother and I'm pretty sure he could take out Travis Turdman (Voldermort's long-lost brother) for me.

Thankful we have people like this serving our country (especially as I sit here covered in crumbs, housing my 3rd slice of Sicilian pizza with a large coke this week). 

If you're in the military feel free to send @zeroblog30 your chow hall pizza reviews, and if you have the time check out my favorite one of all: