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You Can Now Register For Barstool’s First Ever Poker Tournament Which Is 1 Week From Today


Click Here To Reserve Your Spot For the 1st Ever Barstool Poker  Tournament


So the first ever Barstool Poker tournament is officially 1 week from today. The room is now open for Stoolies to reserve your spot. As a reminder due to gambling laws right now it’s only open to people in New Jersey and you need to be 21. You don’t have to live in Jersey but you got to be in Jersey the night of the tournament to play. Yes they check your phone to make sure you are in the right zip code. I will be travelling to Jersey just to play in it. It is taking place 1 week from tonight at 8pm. $20 dollar buy in. Same rake as any other online poker tournament. We will also be giving away free Barstool hats to the top 50 finishers. You also get $10 dollars in free credit for signing up as well. But make no mistake about it. This is about money and bragging rights period. Let the WSOP have their little bracelets. This is about personal pride. And yes I’m awesome at poker. If this goes well hopefully it will be the first of many with it open to more people and bigger prize pools.


Click Here To Reserve Your Spot For the 1st Ever Barstool Poker Tournament