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Is This Guy Pro Jew or Anti Jew?



So former Barstool employee Mo sent me this yesterday. Some dude in NYC holding a sign claiming that Jews own all professional sports teams. My question is whether this guy a member of the Tribe or not? Like is he pro jew or anti jew? Because if he’s trying to be anti semetic his hate speech/sign game needs major work. I’ve just never understood why people think it’s an insult to say Jews own Hollywood and Sports and Blogging. Fucking right we do. That’s because we’re smarter than you are. It’s like Nuke LaLush…We’re the ones driving the porshe. Yeah we own sports teams and blogs and you’re holding signs in the middle of the street complaining about it. You tell me who is winning at life? Bottomline is I got some advice for all you haters out there. Calling us rich and saying we run Sports is not an insult. Stick with we’re greedy or cheap or have big ugly noses and shit like that. That shit can wound, but saying Jews are successful and own professional sports teams?  Suck my dick more dude.


PS – I did google it by the way.    Google knows what’s up.