Piano Trap Is The Greatest Genre Of Music You've Never Heard About

Every now and then, music needs a reset. We get tired of the same ole shit. That's the reason why boy bands come and go every few years. Sometimes you need a Backstreet Boy. Sometimes you need an NSync. Sometimes you need TLC and sometimes you need Destiny's Child. And then sometimes you need music to come and shoot you right in your bitch ass face. That's piano trap, pussy. Sorry for being so aggresive but I cant help it when I'm in my bag, bitch boy. Sorry again.

Right now, we need Piano Trap. In a day of mumble rap like Future or Lil Baby, we need something that flips the genre on its head. We started to see that with smash hits like Old Town Road amongst others but we've never seen the rawness of Kevin Gates mixed with Rascal Flatts. Until now. 

This is beautiful. It's genre twisting. It's mind bending. It's frankly art in its purest form. 

"Completely agree, Chaps. That was beautiful. Before you go though. What's your favorite Kevin Gates track?"

White Tan. It's about cocaine and the distrubution process. I find that interesting. You might too. Here it is.