Marlon Davidson REALLY Loves to Hit People

In today's age of concern over head injuries and the future of football, you'll sometimes see people try to highlight the aspects of football that don't necessarily involve the inherent violence of the game — teamwork, the ability to be coached, lessons learned through winning and losing. Well, you won't hear any of that from Auburn defensive lineman Marlon Davidson, because he just really wants to hit people.

"That is the most enjoyable moment about ball, to just really go out there and abuse somebody."

I love it. This is why we watch football. Seeing everybody chuck the ball around for 500 yards a game is great and all, but at the end of the day, I want to see a defensive end get off a block and go hunt down some poor running back and light him up. That's what most people watching instinctively want to see, and it's why the sport will never go anywhere.

Davidson also probably just vaulted himself up draft boards, because there is not a defensive line coach in the league who will love any answer to a question more than that one. He may have increased his grade by a full round just in that interview.

Guys like him are what make watching football fun. You can tell he just doesn't know what to do with himself from February to July when he can't strap on the shoulder pads and go hit somebody.

Damn it, I miss football. Here's hoping this offseason goes quickly.