Gronk is Guest Starring on "Whose Line is it Anyways?"


NESNRob Gronkowski, who struggles to answer questions from the media without saying “day to day” at least once, is giving improv comedy a shot. The New England Patriots tight end will guest star on the reboot of “Whose Line Is It Anyway” on June 2. The show returned from a 5 1/2-year hiatus in June 2013, hosted by comedienne Aisha Tyler. Each show has a special celebrity guest, who participates in improv games with the cast.


Full disclosure: I am not a fan of improv comedy.  To me improv is like jazz.  You get more credit for mediocre results because you were making it up as you went along.  Well fuck that.  I want to see A material.  Go home, put some time and effort into writing something and come back when it’s all polished and ready to roll.  Not some “Well that was kind of funny given the fact it was just off the top of their heads…”   That said, I respect anyone who can pull it off.  It takes guts.  Timing.  Quick wits. The ability to react.  To make split second decisions. To be quick on your feet. Mental toughness.  And does anybody fit that description the way Gronk does?  If you can master the Patriots offense then making up Colin Mochrie bald jokes or doing skits where you and Wayne Brady are playing TSA agents as Star Wars characters or whatever should be a snap.  If any man can do it, a Renaissance Man like Gronk can.  Athlete, media star, lover of women, and now comedian.  There is nothing he cannot do.

All I ask is that when Gronk makes it huge in the comedy business, he remembers who taught him everything he knows:

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