Wake Up With The Best Earl Weaver Ejection Ever

Top 5 favorite baseball video of all time. Earl Weaver and maybe the most famous manager - umpire dust up in sports history. Keep in mind, this happened in the top of the first. Mike Flannigan (RIP) on the mound and he balks, the umpire calls it, and Earl blows his gasket. I wish I had time to type out everything he says to the umpire, I really wish I did. There are so many quotable lines in here too, Earl was the best at shit talking. And how funny is it that the ump was mic'd up because they were doing a documentary on umpires, Earl wanted the show to be about him. Give it a watch if you've never seen it before, but here are some of my favorite parts of the video if you want a quick rundown.

- “You and your crew are here for one reason, to fuck us!” Classic. What a line.

- Earl literally threatens to punch the umpire in the nose.

- The Umpire yelling "BOOM!" when he tosses Weaver.

- "GET YOUR FINGER OFF OF ME!" Weaver yells after the umpire brushes him with his finger. They go on for like 45 seconds about if the umpire touched him or not and they call each other liars. It's like a 3 Stooges act. 

- Earl says again "You're here to fuck us" and the umpire doesn't even let him finish his sentence and he spits out "wrong!"

- Weaver says to the umpire “you wait about 5 or 10 fucking years to know who’s in the Hall Of Fame.” and the ump goes "for what? Fucking up the World Series?" I love the ump talking shit right back, the HOF line from him is amazing. That one had to cut Earl deep too.

- He tries to leave and comes back to say something else like 3 times. They don't bitch like this no more. I need more of these types of exchanges.

The best part of the whole thing is apparently Weaver asked Flanny if he did balk and Flannigan said he did. Weaver probably wanted to bitch just so he could take an early shower.

What a performance by the GOAT of getting the boot.