Beer League Bozo Attempts To Fight Ref As He's Getting Tossed From A 10:30pm Game He Probably Paid At Least $300 To Play In

Let's make a law right here and now. If you ever attempt to physically fight a ref in your beer league games, you should be forced to burn all of your equipment right there in the parking lot. You throw a punch at the ref, you have to go outside and douse your bag in gasoline and then the ref gets to throw a match on it. 

Listen. I love to chirp refs just as much as the next guy. There's nothing better than running your mouth all night at the zebras. But you also have to remember here that the refs are the only thing separating you from just playing open hockey. If it weren't for the refs, you'd just be a bunch of washed up jackasses playing pickup hockey at 11 o' clock at night before having to wake up in 5 hours to go to work the next morning. For the most part nobody is getting fans out to their beer league games unless you have too many guys on your team with DUI's and you need to bring a designated driver. So you're all washed up, you have no fans, and you're playing at a time when the only other person in the rink is probably the zamboni driver. Without the refs being there to make it a legitimate hockey game, that's as sad as it gets. So treat the refs with a little goddamn respect and just tell them they fucking suck all night instead of trying to physically assault them. 

By the way--beer league refs are typically ferda boys more than anybody else out there. It's one thing to show up to the rink on a Tuesday night at 11pm to play a game but if you're going there just to ref? I know they're getting paid and everything but that's still a big time move ferda boys. And at least in my experience, they realize that taking some chirps comes with the territory and they'll throw it right back at you. Beer league refs are a-okay in my book. Good guys who love the game and typically just swallow the whistle so everyone can get out of there on time for the bar to still be open on the way home. If you ever feel the urge to fight one of those guys, that's a YOU problem. 

P.S. - Buddy doesn't deserve to wear #68. Needs to change sweater numbers immediately. Can't be having bozos like that disgracing Jagr.