Chris Paul Opened Up Even More About Daryl Morey Apparently Straight Up Lying To His Face

I'll tell ya what, I am all in on Taylor Rooks and this show. Every interview we've seen has been awesome, and not just the Jaylen one 

Chris Paul was the latest player to be interviewed and if you have the time I suggest watching the whole thing, but for the sake of this blog I want to focus on the OKC/HOU trade. At this point of the season I think we can all agree that both sides are happy with how things turned out. Chris Paul showed that he is very much not washed up and the Thunder are perhaps the biggest surprise in the league, and the Rockets new duo of Harden/Westbrook looks just as devastating in real life as it potentially did on paper. Pretty sure both sides would make that trade again if given the chance which is usual when big time players are moved. 

We had heard before about how Morey basically lied to CP3 saying he wouldn't trade him, that whole fiasco was crazy 

but the part that I don't think I ever heard before was when Paul explained how once he told Morey he didn't want to go to a rebuild in OKC at this stage of his career, Morey came back and said OK, because you came here from LA you won't be traded……and then immediately traded him. That's tough and you can understand why Paul would be pretty pissed. It's a business and these players are obviously at the mercy of their GM's but damn that's cold blooded. Luckily it all worked out and there is a chance we're headed for an OKC/HOU playoff series which would be pretty awesome. Not just because of the trade, but also because from a talent perspective I feel like that's an interesting matchup. The Thunder can defend with the best of em, but what happens with Steven Adams? Would he even be playable in that series? I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't want to see that so hopefully it works out that way. OKC trails UTA by just 0.5 games (Jazz play BOS tonight) and once they jump the Jazz we have our 4/5 matchup. 


Something tells me Chris Paul would be pretty damn motivated if that series were to happen, and a healthy and motivated Chris Paul is one scary dude.