Rate My Ashes On This Holiest Of Days

It's a MASSIVE day in the Catholic Community, folks. The day we all forget the many sins we've probably committed in even the last 12 hours and go to church to get some ashes on our foreheads to signify the beginning of the Lenten season. Now one of the goals of us Catholics is to get some good looking ashes much like Tony Reali or our good friend, Captain Cons. 

Look at that! I think Cons' pastor may be a descendant of Da Vinci. Beautiful. Meanwhile as you can see above mine was nothing more than 0.9 Balls. I'm very sad, but it's alright there's always next Ash Wednesday. I just gotta go to Cons' guy next year. Lesson Learned.

In the meantime go get yourself a nice meatless lunch and hangout on the Twitch channel for the next hour or so! We're doing Trivia with the General, Jeff D Lowe, and more.