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And the Pussification of America Continues: Lawrence High School's Prom Canceled After Students Participate In Senior Skip Day



LAWRENCE, Mass. ( dresses, the tuxes were all picked out as Lawrence seniors got ready for the prom; until their school took it away. The kids say, it’s all because they took part in what they call a time-honored tradition: senior skip day. Parents say the kids skipped school Thursday and came back to learn they were no longer allowed to go to their prom, that they raised thousands of dollars for. “They’re not gonna be able to participate in prom? I just find it ridiculous,” parent Virginia Gomez said. With just two weeks left until senior prom parents and students at a Lawrence high school are outraged, saying the dean unfairly canceledd the big dance. Parent Rafael Garcia says he got a call from the dean of Notre Dame Cristo Rey High School Thursday. The dean told him the prom was canceledd because more than half of school’s 64 seniors took part in a skip day on May 15. Garcia’s daughter Alejandra was one of them.”We’re seniors, we worked so hard we’ve gotten into college we’ve done everything,” she said. Other students say they raised thousands of dollars for the prom, and were told while the dance is now closed to seniors, the dean is allowing younger students to go instead.

Power trip city. No other way to describe it. This girl summed it best. There are 2 weeks left of school. All the seniors have done their work. They’ve all gotten into college. Senior Skip Day is something they’ve earned. It’s something all high school seniors should be allowed to participate in without repercussion. The ONLY reason why a principal would punish kids is because he is an egomaniac and can’t stand the fact that in 2 weeks he’ll no longer be able to spank these kids. That’s it. And I’ll never understand how kids can be punished for what happens off school property anyway. Like we have parents openly saying they gave their kids permission to go and the school still is punishing them. It’s insane. If parents want to punish their own kids that’s fine, but who is the school to do it?

PS – Is there a bigger hardo move than a high school principal calling himself a Dean? Bro relax. You’re not that important. Maybe if you weren’t so insecure you could see how stupid this decision is.