RJ Barrett Said He Is Actually Righty And Has Better Form With His Right Hand But Feels More Comfortable Shooting Lefty. Wait, What?!?

I know people are going to point and laugh at the Knicks because that is pretty much the reflex any human has when a story about the Knicks comes out. But I could not be happier about this news. Here I was worried about RJ Barrett not being able to crack 40% from the field and barely shooting 60% at the free throw line since him and Mitchell Robinson are the only two players I have any real confidence in.

Instead it turns out everything is just fine since RJ has simply been shooting with his wrong hand the whole time! Name an easier solution to a problem than literally moving a ball from your left hand to your right hand. You can't! I would be concerned that RJ would be able to hit a big shot from the line or the field when if the Knicks become good again if his issue was mechanical or confidence related. Nope, RJ is just Ben Simmons 2.0. All the Knicks have to do now is unlock the other 50% of RJ, with the first 50% not being all that shabby, then watch the awards pile up. And based on the news that broke right after this quote came out, it looks like the Knicks may actually become competent again and do things like teaching their best player the best way to shoot sooner rather than later.