Woman Who Got Dumped By Her Fiancee For Being "Too Fat" Drops 112 Pounds And Wins Miss Great Britain

NY POSTA young woman once dumped by her fiancé for being “too fat” has got the ultimate revenge – by being crowned Britain’s most beautiful woman.

Jen Atkin shed 112 pounds – going from 247 pounds to 131 pounds in two years – to bag herself the title of Miss Great Britain.

Presenting to you the Inspirational Story Of 2020, a tale of determination, motivation, physical fitness, success, reaching your goals, and a big ol' dumbass asshole boyfriend. 

Jen Atkin, AKA Britain's Most Beautiful Woman, just two years removed from weighing 2 bills and a half. 

"Look at me now" (Chris Brown voice)

She's got a new man now while the old chump is reading about her online with the rest of us.