Wes Welker's Official Statement Regarding Churchill Downs Demanding 15K Back For Overpaying Him At the Derby



TMZ - Wes Welker left the Kentucky Derby with nearby $15,000 more than he should have … thanks to a machine malfunction … and now Churchill Downs is demanding he give the money back, stat … TMZ Sports has learned. Here’s what we know … Wes personally placed a number of bets on the Derby on May 3rd — AND HIT BIG. Sources tell us Welker sent a friend to collect his winnings — and that person was paid out $57,193.90 at the cashier’s window. Wes was so pumped, he started handing out $100 bills to random strangers. But we’ve learned … officials at the track believe there was an error at the window DURING the moments Welker’s ticket was being paid out … (we’re told it was computer malfunction compounded by human error) … and the result was Wes being overpaid to the tune of $14,858.55. A rep for Churchill Downs confirms … “There was a $14 thousand dollar overpayment due to a tote machine malfunction.” The rep tells us … as soon as the track noticed the mistake, they sent a letter to the person who collected Welker’s winnings and asked for the money back. It’s unclear if Welker or his people ever received it. But it’s clear, C.D. is serious about fixing the mistake. We reached out to Welker for comment — so far, no word back.


Oh TMZ reached out to Welker for a comment but so far no word back? to be TMZ I suppose.  Can’t get anybody to take your ass serious. Because I just rolled out of bed, reached out to Welker and got an official statement in 2 seconds. Here it is.


“Nobody had more fun at the Derby than me and my group. I was fortunate enough to share my winnings with the fans!”

Wes Welker


Look at Davey Pageviews just getting his Walter Cronkite on.  Such a hard hitting statement I can’t even stand it.  Damn it’s good to be a gangsta!  Seriously though read inbetween the lines Churchill Downs. You can’t collect money that Wes gave away. It’s not his fault you fucked up. And as anybody who watched our Breeder’s Cup video knows, Welker places 9 gadzillion bets per race like a mad man. There is literally no way for him to know how much he wins or loses each race because it’s just a mishmash of tickets. Dude is the WORST guy to be behind at the window. Takes 2 hours to place all his bets. Bottomline is just like every teller always says after you place a big bet, check your tickets before you leave the window because once you leave the transaction is official. Same rules apply here.