Every NFL Team Should Be Looking Into This Priest Who Manhandled A Guy Who Tried To Tackle Him Mid-Mass

I don't know what exactly this guy would do or how he would fit in on an NFL roster...but I know he needs to be on a team. That kind of raw talent should never be overlooked. Think about the skill it takes to avoid a blindside tackle wearing Hush Puppy Power Walkers.

Not to mention the fact that he's both in costume AND drunk on Christ blood. He even spun the guy around at the end. Granted, he's a deacon so he probably works out, but it's still impressive. Shout out to all the parishioners who jumped up and gave him a hand. Even Granny in the bottom right was ready to get in the mix. 

 And because this is Ash Wednesday, I'll leave you with my favorite (and only?) Ash Wednesday story. Eddie blogged it the other day but it's worth the repost. Enjoy.