Uh Oh, That's Steph Curry Music!

Maybe I'm in the minority here, but this is a terrible decision by the Warriors. I know that Steph probably is itching to get back on the floor, but let's all be honest for a second. The Warriors season has been over for a lonnnnnng time. Shit I would imagine even Warriors fans would be cool with not seeing Steph until the 2020-21 season. Why risk any additional injury at this point? Even if he's fully cleared, all it takes is one freak accident to ruin another season. I get the idea that you can't play scared and if a guy might get hurt, but when you're currently tanking and in the process of punting on the season adding someone like Steph Curry to the lineup seems counterproductive. 

By all accounts this isn't exactly a loaded Draft, so you could say ensuring you finish as high as possible is pretty important. Especially if you're the Warriors and are looking to add a big time lottery talent to your stacked fully healthy roster. As of now, this is how the tanking standings are looking

I feel like you get Steph back in the lineup he's going to be motivated to ball out and I feel like he can single handedly carry the Warriors to wins they have no business getting. You've had a beautiful tanking season, flawless execution of being absolutely pathetic on the basketball court. Are a few awesome Steph Curry moments worth potentially messing something up that could benefit the Warriors for 10+ years? Even if you don't want them to keep the pick, they can package it for a proven player now. 

That's the rational side of me. The other side who doesn't really give a shit about the Warriors franchise or their future is a little bit happy that Steph Curry is coming back. We could very well get a guy that looks like MVP Steph in terms of him just bombing it from deep 10 times a game. When Curry is right he's must watch TV, so if you're like me and mostly just care about seeing the best of the best do crazy shit, this is good news.

Stupid for the Warriors to do in my opinion, but at least late night Steph will be back in our lives.