Frankie Borrelli Ruined Luis Severino's Career When He Accosted Him At The 2018 Adidas All Star Game Party

We all just got word that Luis Severino will require Tommy John surgery and is going to miss the entire 2020 season. The news really sucks. It's a brutal gut punch for a great pitcher. You can read all about that right here. I'm here to talk to you about Frankie Borrelli the murderer. 

Frankie Borrelli, my colleague and friend, is a career murderer. Let's quickly flash back to Major League Baseball's 2018 All Star Week. Barstool headed down to Washington D.C. for a few days with the Barstool Radio, KFC Radio, and Starting 9 crew. At the Adidas party Frankie, a big Yankee fan, saw Luis Severino leaving and thought that would be a good time to accost him. Carrabis tells the story here. 

At that very moment Sevy was the leader in the clubhouse to win the American League Cy Young. Through 128.1 innings he had a stellar 2.31 ERA with 144 strikeouts. The Yankees were 18-2 in his starts. It was pure dominance. 

Ever since that exact moment he has not been the same. It's like the moment Frankie slapped Sevy's ass he zapped all of his powers. Luis was a complete shell of himself in the second half of that season posting a 5.57 ERA. Opponents rocked him to the tune of an .821 collective OPS. He was a completely different person. In the postseason he held the Oakland A's in check for four innings, but was later shelled by the Red Sox. He actually forgot what time that game started and didn't warm up properly.

In 2019 Severino only managed to throw 12 innings as he battled through several injuries.

Now he needs Tommy John surgery. TOMMY JOHN SURGERY. When he comes back in 2021 we'll almost be three years removed from seeing dominant Luis Severino. All because of Frankie. I have zero doubts in my mind that the moment Frankie made contact with Sevy everything changed in the universe. If I could build a time machine I would go back to that party and hold him back. The Yankees might have 29 rings by now. 

I have a lot of questions for Frankie. Number one, how dare you? I swear to God if Borrelli comes within 100 feet of Gerrit Cole I will have an assassin murder him on the spot. I might restrict him from ever going to a Gerrit Cole start just to be safe. There is no precaution that is too extreme here. He must be stopped. Frankie Borrelli ruined a man's career and I will be damned if I let it happen again. If you see Frankie this season at Yankee Stadium when Gerrit Cole is on the mound call the police and have him arrested.