LinkedIn Legends Part 1: Mark

I’m gonna shoot you guys straight for a second. I had completely forgotten about the wonders and awes of LinkedIn since I last scrawled about it in moderately early-semi mid May. That was until yesterday when I came across a particularly riveting and motivational post from one of the website’s budding superstars and globe’s top humans. 

So this is obviously awesome, but when you look at it from the lens of an up-and-coming pseudo podcaster like me — one who knows what it’s like to get spontaneously recognized and praised in public/intimate settings — it’s even more dope and relatable. Whether it’s “are you one of the ANUS boys?” at a random gastropub in Chelsea or “are you the guy who fell off the treadmill the other day and then repetitively said ‘did you get that?’ to an imaginary cameraman?” in the Planet Fitness locker room, I can resonate extra hard with a humble influencer like Mark. 

In fact, I was so impressed by his character, class, accomplishments, and humility that I decided to research him further and give his modestly self-deprecating LinkedIn profile a much needed overhaul. An extreme makeover if you will.

So after strategically creating a burner (alternative) account and hacking into his mainframe, I got to work.