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Game 6 "Finish Them" Live Blog




Listen you don’t need to be hockey playoff expert to know this series is over.  The Habs are dead.  They were dead the second they lost Game 4 at home in OT.  That just ripped their heart right out of their chests.   They don’t have the balls to come back from that.   Just folding like a tent.  So yes the B’s are stealing at -120 tonight.  Absolutely stealing.   They win this game in a romp.  I’m talking 6-1 type final.    And the crazy thing is series will seem close compared to what the B’s do to the Pens vs. Rangers winner.    I wish we could just fast forward to Game 7 rematch against the Hawks because everybody knows that’s coming.

Mortal Lock – B’s in 6 just like I said all along