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This 5th Grade Girl Is Already Ruining Dudes' Lives At A 12th Grade Level






Jesus girl! That kid you just started dating earlier this week has feelings, too. I want to hate this girl for being the exact version of what she’ll be in 15 years but I just can’t. Whichever dude she ends up with in this sordid love triangle is going to feel like a conqueror of worlds. When he gets a snap bracelet* from her signifying they’re officially committed to each other, nothing will ever top that high. Relationships are all about the thrill of the hunt and with this little girl she’s guaranteed to keep these kids on their toes every single step of the way. Big time life lessons coming for all who dare her cross her path.


Savvy shit by this little guy, too. “Ok thanks” is such a great indifferent response to when she first started trying to friend zone this kid. There are just so many layers here. Kids, man, they grow up and ruin each other’s lives so fast.


*I have no clue what kids in fifth grade today would possibly give each other to signify love


(via @kingryin)