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Troll Movie Critic Called Amy Schumer Too Ugly To Star In A Movie So She Dropped A Half Naked Photo Right In His Face

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 12.44.32 PM

Uproxx – Never one to disappoint, hot-take goblin Jeff Wells — who likely introduces himself at parties by saying his name then adding, “I tell it like it is” — has shared his thoughts on Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow’s Trainwreck, the trailer for which was released earlier this week. In “Apatow’s Funny-Chubby Community Has New Member” (oh boy), Wells wrote, “[Schumer’s] obviously sharp and clever and funny as far as the woe-is-me, self-deprecating thing goes, but there’s no way she’d be an object of heated romantic interest in the real world.”

Schumer responded to not only Wells, but all of her trolls with a semi-nude picture on Twitter.


The tweet and photo in question, which is a bit NSFW, is here:



I feel the same way about Amy Schumer as I do about Chelsea Handler; neither is hot enough to be sexy on her own merits but the combo of being sort of funny and not bad looking works to give them the benefit of the doubt. So I’m willing to ignore the fact that photo of Amy Schumer that she tweeted looks both younger and Photoshopped with the delicate subtleties of a graphic artist with a hook for a hand.


The movie Amy Schumer is doing might 100% be awful on its own merits. That’s fine. But what bothers me is the critic saying she’s not hot enough to carry a movie in the first place. Even if I don’t think Amy Schumer is bad looking, she could be a pig and it’s totally fine for her to star in a movie. We let Seth Rogen and his yeastless dough body star in movie after movie, we’ve had Adrien Brody and his Lois Griffin schnozz win an Oscar, hell even on the women’s side Melissa McCarthy is bringing Lane Bryant heat to movie after movie with insane box office success. It’s just so fucking dumb. Hollywood is lazy enough with reboots and half-assed ideas, there’s no reason to add another hurdle for them eventually making something that doesn’t suck. Stop scrambling for hot takes for a minute and just let the lady succeed or fail on her own merits without riling up all the feminist bullshit in the process.