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Always Sunny Did It First: Police Seize Van Filled With 300 Gallons Of Gasoline In The Back Seat

Wisconsin - Police flagged a potential hazardous materials situation when they came upon a van filled with 15 plastic drums of fuel -- roughly 300 gallons -- at the Kwik Trip gas station near 13th Street and Ryan Road in Oak Creek.

A Wisconsin State Patrol motor carrier inspector was called to the gas station around 9:30 p.m., where the van was located. The vehicle's rear seats were removed -- and in the back were the drums with the fuel.

Officials said in a Facebook post the fuel was stolen from several gas stations across the state (using stolen credit cards) as the van traveled back to Chicago, Illinois.

The inspiration to become an entrepreneur always has to come from somewhere. Maybe it's an idea from your childhood. Maybe you've just noticed something missing from the market. Maybe you've seen a way to better and improve an already existing product. Could have been something you've seen, could have been something you've heard somebody say, but there's that moment when something clicks and you decide to turn that idea into your own business venture. 


More often than not, you probably shouldn't get your business inspirations from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. 

Using stolen money to purchase and store a preposterous amount of gasoline with the intent of reselling that gasoline on the black market? I'm just surprised the brake lines on this van are still intact. Wild card, bitches!!! 

P.S. - Also another great edition of "Always Sunny Already Did It".