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Old Lady Bashing ISIS Right To Their Face Is Peak Old People Not Giving A Fuck


I’m not looking forward to getting old. Creaky hips, balls down to your knees, Silly Putty dick you could roll onto newspaper and get the comics printed on it. But the sheer freedom from not giving a fuck that comes with age being so strong that you can talk shit right to the face of the deadliest terrorist group around? That’s got to be the most liberating thing imaginable. I watched this entire thing and I’m not sure this lady had the best points but the fact that she’s got the gall to say it? I couldn’t respect this lady more. Honorary American in my eyes (other than the fact she 1000% hates Jews as much as any aspiring lawyer on Tinder).


I also appreciated how the subtitles also perfectly summed up however I feel when I’ve had to read a poem in school or life:


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