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Freddie Freeman Played the 2019 Season Needing Painkillers Before Every Game

Uh ... wow.

I can't believe Freddie said all that on the record. It was clear to everyone that he was not right during the Postseason and leading up to it, but to come out and say that he was in desperate need of painkillers throughout the season is not exactly what you'd like your star player to bring up to the media at spring training.

I suppose it's admirable that he's being so honest, but this isn't exactly a great look for anyone involved. And I can appreciate Freddie's determination to keep playing, but at some point if you can't go, you can't go. There's nothing wrong with being injured. It happens to everybody.

What I'm most concerned about is the fact that the organization knew about the extent of the injury and didn't get any help at the trade deadline to try to help Freddie at least get some more rest throughout the season. It's difficult to fault Freeman for continuing to play through such pain when he may have felt like he really didn't have a choice, since there really wasn't anyone else on Atlanta's roster who could play first base.

It also doesn't reflect too well on the Braves and their training staff, as they're apparently doling out pills to keep guys on the field. I understand it was at Freddie's request, but the optics of the situation just aren't very good for anybody.

I'm very glad this elbow issue was — hopefully — resolved with surgery this offseason. But maybe we just have Freddie take a break from giving interviews for a little while.