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How Am I Making Out on My Draft Predictions So Far?




Ho hum.  Another draft, another perfect Patriots prediction from The Belichick Whisperer.  Year after year the football-loving public flocks to the so called “gurus” like sheeple, forgetting that all the Pats analysis that counts is right here.  I have no earthly idea what the pundits said the Pats would take.  Nor do I care.  Because I’m sure they went with the usual lazy, uninformed  calls like “edge pass rusher” and “wide receiver who can stretch the field and give Brady a weapon” or some such cliche’.  But as far back as April 2nd, here’s what I wrote in my first Draft Preview Blog:


Positional Overview: Even with Vince re-signed, this remains the biggest area of need going into the draft. The Pats went into 2013 paper thin at the position… And by the end of the year, the push they were getting on pass plays earlier on was non-existent…let’s just say they need immediate help at the defensive tackle spot.

2014 Draft Priority: Top

Perfect Patriot:

Dominique Easley, Florida. 6-2, 288, 4.93



Even if you’ve been studying up on the draft you might be justified in saying “Who???” because so many sites have him ranked so low. Particularly the ones that haven’t updated in a while. A year ago he was projecting as a can’t miss 1st rounder, even being mentioned in the same breath as Clowney. The major difference being no one ever questioned Easley’s commitment like they do Clowney’s. The main problem is he fell off a lot of boards when he blew out his right ACL in Week 3 last year. Which now matches perfectly the left ACL he blew out in 2011. And while that’s a concern for sure, he bounced back from that first one to record more big plays (4 sacks, 8.5 tackles for loss including 3.5 in the Sugar Bowl) in 2012 than anyone on the Gators. His knees have passed every physical, but that won’t stop teams from being scared off and make him your classic Patriots “value” pick. He’s a great fit because he has every Patriots checkmark in his favor. He comes from a Pats feeder program (Belichick’s experiences with Chad Jackson, Jermaine Cunningham, Spikes and Bristol County Inmate 41144 notwithstanding). He was a team captain at Florida,which always counts. He won the Gators team awards for tenacity and mental and toughness. He was a staple in the weight room. On the field, he’s known for an explosiveness off the line of scrimmage, with a suddenness into the gap that makes him a nightmare to block. He’s smaller than any tackle the Patriots have had for sure. But he makes up for it with leverage and a quick first step. And he’s one of those relentless, high motor guys they love.



Whom the Pats Will Draft: Easley

He’s suddenly moving up a lot of draft boards, but still I haven’t seen him projected any higher than the 57th or so best prospect overall. Which sets up perfectly for the Pats to drop down out of the 1st round, add some mid-round picks and still get the guy they want. Or they take no chances and just grab him at 29. Either way, Dominique Easley to New England. You heard it here first.

So there you have it.  One pick off the board, one prediction and analysis that was spot on accurate.  I look forward to all the usual trolls who say I’m just repeating what I hear Kiper say or that it’s just some kind of parlor trick.  Maybe I should send each one of them and the frauds they consider experts one of these:


[Thanks to @ec_508]  @JerryThornton1