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This Lady Who Lost A Shit Ton Of Weight Can't Understand Why Shape Magazine Told Her To Put A Shirt On For Her Picture




Huffpo - A week or so ago Shape magazine online reached out to me. They wanted to do a “Success Story” feature on their site about me. Being someone who enjoys putting herself out there and finding new ways to reach people, I agreed. We set up a time for an interview and I sent them the following after picture to include. The reporter got back to me and said: Thank you! These should work but I’ll let you know if my editor needs anything else. Talk to you soon! I figured I’d hear back in the next week or so, when only a couple of days later, I got the following email: Really? Have you logged on to Shape’s website lately? You can find MANY women in bikinis on the site. The whole thing still really frustrates me because I don’t feel like my body was given the same respect as others on their site. Why all of the sudden is it their policy to have fully clothed people? If anything, they should want my picture on their site. My body is real, not photoshopped or hidden, because I feel like I should be ashamed. This is a body after losing 172 pounds, a body that has done amazing things, and looks AMAZING in a freaking bikini. I spent MANY years hating and hiding a body I was ashamed of because it wasn’t society’s ideal of beautiful. Being asked to send a photo of myself with a shirt on made me feel like I again should be ashamed of my body. That since I have the loose skin, I shouldn’t be in a bikini. I wasn’t willing to do that though. I’ve always been real and honest with you guys around here. That’s what I do.If I couldn’t have the picture of me in my bikini to go along with my story, then it wasn’t MY story. The story I wanted to tell and shout out to the world, not their ideal story. So, if I couldn’t tell it my way, then they weren’t going to be able to tell it at all.


Listen I’m not going to hate on this lady. Losing 172 pounds is admirable as fuck. I sure as hell couldn’t do it. But let’s call a spade a spade. You do NOT look amazing in a bikini. The facts are that loose skin is gonna haunt my dreams for the next 2 weeks. There are some things you just can’t unsee and that is one of them. Shape Magazine had no choice but to ask for you to put a shirt on. Can’t have people passing out in supermarkets and shit. Like you want to be honest let’s be honest. Your midriff is horrifying. There has to be a surgery to get rid of that shit right? You put in all this work and this is what happens? That doesn’t seem fair at all.