Jose Altuve Couldn't Make It Through One Spring Training Game Without Being Hit By a Pitch (Updated With Video)

Ugh, now that is something you just don't want to see. Jose Altuve was already having a tough day after he received the loudest boos in Spring Training history. 

Come on guys! Carlos Correa said Jose never cheated and we know Carlos Correa has never told a lie in his life! Altuve was booed by the Tigers faithful earlier today and to make matters even worse he was hit by a pitch in his 3rd plate appearance by Nick Ramirez. 

Now in all seriousness, he was hit by a curveball in the foot so I highly doubt this was intentional, unless Ramirez just wanted the satisfaction of hitting Altuve while making it look like an accident. Maybe Nick Ramirez is a genius? The game wasn't televised and there's no video out yet so we're left with the unknown and our imagination.

Update: Finally someone posted the video. It's as gruesome as we thought...

Maybe there was a team bet for who could hit him first and decided to take the easy way out? I could see something like that going on all season long. Also if this were in the middle of a regular season game would the umpire have thrown out Ramirez just because he let one get away? How can you honestly judge if a HBP was intentional or not? That's going to be a big issue in 2020 and I'm sure Manfred will handle it in the worst way possible. 

Lastly, I know it's spring training but get your boo game up Tigers fans! That was amateur hour. I only said those were the loudest boos in spring training history before because I doubt anyone has ever been booed this early in the season. When you're down in Florida or Arizona this time of the year everyone is usually really happy because it's February/March and it's 80 degrees outside. That's part of what makes spring training so good. Still…be louder!

P.S. Why is every spring training game not televised? I'm trying to watch one inning of Gerrit Cole tonight and I'm left with Twitter updates. There's no reason for a game not to be on TV in some way in the year 2020.