The Prosecutor Who Put Harvey Weinstein Behind Bars Is A Badass Staten Island Mother Of Two Known As "Soldier Of Justice"

DAILY MAILProsecutor who took down Harvey Weinstein is a straight-talking Staten Island mother-of-two known as 'a soldier of justice' who convicted Etan Patz cold case killer, Ja Rule and Lil Wayne.

...The prosecutor who put Harvey Weinstein behind bars is a no-nonsense mother-of-two who is known for resolving cold cases and keeping her cool when facing off against high profile defendants.   

Joan Illuzzi-Orbon, 57, had already worked for the Manhattan Assistant District Attorney's office for 30 years when she became the lead prosecutor in Weinstein's case in 2018. 

Dubbed the 'soldier' because of her team-player attitude to the District Attorney's office, she has worked on several major cases throughout her career.

I always wanted to be a lawyer — little known fact, my backup dream job to "professional smut blogger" was "high profile attorney." Mostly because I love arguing about shit and researching facts to make people look stupid. When the writing was on the wall that I probably wouldn't make it to that specific vocation, I focused my energy on dick jokes and pictures of boobs. Think it worked out best for both me and the justice system. 

BUT, if I did somehow end up a prosecutor in a parallel universe of alternate timeline, my God how badly I wish I got a nickname as fucking SWEET as "The Solider of Justice." 

If there is one thing I've learned in my lifetime, it's that there is one person above all others that you do not want to find yourself on the opposing side of: a Staten Island mother.  I mean being the child of one is brutal enough, but being someone they don't actually like!?! Goodness. I would feel bad for anyone else on Earth not named Harvey Weinstein. 

Shout out Joan "Soldier of Justice" Illuzzi-Orbon!


Really big of me to do, but I'll turn a blind eye to this one for now. Even Soldiers of Justice make mistakes.

She also prosecuted Lil Wayne and Ja Rule in 2007 on weapons charges and the duo ended up taking plea deals which put them behind bars for one and two years respectively. 

Game recognize game.

Such is her passion for the law that the defense attorney in the Lil Wayne an Ja Rule case called her a 'soldier' of what she believes to be justice.  

'She calls herself a soldier in the army of the District Attorney's Office,' Stacey Richman said previously. 

'She is a true believer and seeks to serve what she perceives is just.'