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Big Rumors Out Of College Park That Both Seth Allen and Charles Mitchell Have Asked For Their Release From The Program

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These are just rumors right now, but even so, not great to see even rumors about two starters on their way out the door. Nick Faust already left and signed with Oregon State today, Shaq Cleare- another highly rated recruit transferred and signed with Texas last week, and a third highly ranked recruit Roddy Peters left the program after just his freshman year. Three guys already left this offseason, with two more rumored to be out the door today. Not a good way to build a program.

Turgeon was supposed to be the chosen one. He recruits top 10 classes after top 10 classes and absolutely nothing has come from them. Seth Allen was developing into a star, and Charles Mitchell was their only dependable bigman, an absolute beast on the boards. Losing both would be a huge loss, but even more so, a huge black eye to the basketball program. It’s nuts to already lose 3 guys in one offseason. Losing 2 more really makes you wonder what is going on over in CP.

Former Maryland player Will Bowers is wondering too, in probably my favorite tweet of all time.