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The Videos For The Kobe And Gianna Bryant Memorial Are Still An Absolute Gut Punch

Some of these videos and reflections are starting to come out with the Celebration of Life for Kobe and Gianna Bryant underway. That said they are still a gut punch. It's always a bit weird with celebrity deaths and things like that where everyone spends the first 48 hours or so talking about them and remembering everything. Very few times is it something like this though. The fact there's a 13-year old daughter/sister/friend involved along with Kobe and 7 others. It's been a month and it still sounds crazy to say that Kobe died. 

You can just see how important Kobe was to all of these NBA guys, who truly looked up to him. Just going through Twitter and you see how everyone is still talking about him and bringing up what he meant to them from a hoops standpoint. 

These videos, while a gut punch just reminding everyone of the tragedy, are still so well done. I'm sure there will be more that come out as they've talked about musicians performing, people speaking, etc. We'll keep this updated as possible. 

Mamba and Mambacita forever.