Do NOT Mess With This Meter Maid

Look, I hate parking laws in Chicago as much as anybody.  I've been booted 3x, towed twice, and have $300+ in outstanding red light tickets I haven't paid.  Two summers back I got booted for taking cash out of an ATM to get booze at a cash only convenience mart on Division and Damen.  Legit booted in the 5 mins it takes to withdraw cash:

Chicago gonna Chicago amirite?  I still want all the bad things on earth to happen to that guy and nobody else but that guy.  I should fucking hate this lady's guts.  But ya know what?  I kinda love her.  Just slinging parking tickets like she's Pablo Escobar with no regard for humanity.  Learn to read motherfucker!!!  If you could you'd know that you can't park there.  Boom, $100 fine.  That's what you get asshole.  Mofucka was parked in a tow zone!