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If John Wall Thinks Nick Richards Dominates As Much As DeMarcus Cousins Did At Kentucky, I Have But No Choice To Believe Him

Who am I to tell John Wall that he's wrong? The man played with DeMarcus Cousins at Kentucky and watches Nick Richards this season. Good luck finding a point that's wrong in this argument. If he thinks Nick Richards can carry this team to a title, then so be it. Why would you disagree with the most important player to Kentucky since Jamal Mashburn? I've said it before, but Wall coming to Kentucky in year 1 made Kentucky cool again. It was the same effect that Mashburn had when he decided to pick Kentucky and play for Pitino. Without Wall there's potentially no Anthony Davis, etc. 

Here's the thing - he's not necessarily wrong. Nick Richards has been goddamn dominant this season. I'll still argue that Immanuel Quickley is the guy for Kentucky - but Richards is the anchor. There's not a backup center, unless you think EJ Montgomery can play those minutes. He has to pick and pop, rim dive, protect the rim and switch on defense. The crazy thing is he's playing better against top talent too. If you look on KenPom, his games vs Tier A teams are statistically better than his overall stats. 

Probably why Kentucky dropped this promo: 

The guy went from playing 12 minutes per game as a sophomore and averaging 4 ppg, to playing 30+ and averaging 14.3 ppg/8.0 rpg/2.2 bpg. He's extended his range to 15+ feet. He has a bunch of post moves. He has John Wall calling him the DeMarcus Cousins of this team. You may forget, but Boogie was pretttttttty good: 

So if John Wall says it, I gotta believe him yo.